Bone Regeneration

Tissue Recontouring
May 18, 2018

Bone regeneration is a surgical procedure aiming at bone structure and volume increase and creating the conditions for an implant fixture.

Guided bone regeneration

Bone regeneration is used in the case of bone defect, whether it's about replacement of one, several or all the teeth in the jaw.

The guided bone regeneration is based on the use of exotic materials (graft materials) and methods. These materials grow together with the bone and replace it. The process of bone regeneration takes between 4 and 6 months (depends on the used materials and methods), followed by treatment of implant installation.

Some of regeneration methods we use

Preservation of the alveolus

This is the type of bone regeneration we use after removing teeth. In this case, the replacement material is inserted into the cavity, which was created after the removal of the tooth root. In this way we create better and safer conditions for implant fixture, as well as reduce and prevent a biological bone loss after removal

Segment regeneration

In most cases, this is an upgrade from a very narrow bone ridge to install an implant with the aim to preserve adjacent natural teeth, or to aesthetically and functionally replace one or more teeth. There are several techniques of regeneration. That depends on the materials used and the volume of the bone to replace.

Sinus lift

This is a very efficient way of bone regeneration in situations when there is a major bone loss in the lateral, posterior maxilla. It is a surgical procedure, wherein a replacement material is incorporated by a small opening in the sinus bone in the sinus floor, that afterwards becomes the bone, and thus abolishes the sinus floor.