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Ebless V. Báez D.M.D

Dr. Ebless V. Báez, the academy clinical director, is a graduate of the Dental School of Medicine of Puerto Rico and the first Puerto Rican to develop a dental implant system and receive a 501k clearance by the FDA on the first dental implant designed and manufactured in P.R., USA . Dr. Baez is the creator of the TOTALIS® Dental Implant System and its neo-implant approach both surgically and prosthetically, with its innovative implant threads, abutment and impression easy protocol, has been a certified instructor for many dental implant companies because of his expertise.

Dr. Báez is also a graduate of many prestigious aesthetic and surgical Institutes in US, as the Institute for Comprehensive Implant Therapy, as well as a member of the renowned Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry. He also created the BAEZ PROPORTIONAL RULER®, for precise esthetic design; the STX application®, a business management software and EMR on the cloud for dentists; the BBX implants® line; and the Aqua-lift system®, an innovative device to simplify sinus grafting, among other medical devices in the dental industry.

Founder of Facebook “idoctormd.com”, a dental page created to help promote dental education for doctors through video seminars, oral implantology articles, courses among other resources.

He is currently working on a book title Bone Behavior for Dentists, He currently directs the Dental Implant Institute, and maintains his private practice between Texas and Puerto Rico. In his spare time he directs and produces films, compose music, and enjoys family time.

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